Key Facts about Z-kai Group

Net Sales*1

  • FY2017

    68.4billion JPY


Successful applicants

Successful applicants in 2018

  • The University of Tokyo*2

    1,074Z-kai students

  • Kyoto University

    948Z-kai students

  • WASEDA University

    2,446Z-kai students

  • Keio University

    1,781Z-kai students

*2One third of the 3,000 successful applicants to the University of Tokyo used our services.

Number of Z-kai Students, Schools, Offices

  • Number of Z-kai Students*3


  • Number of Z-kai Schools*4


  • Number of Offices*4


*3The total number of students who used our correspondence education services and those who used other services, in 2017.

*4as of Sep.2018

Number of Employees*5

  • Full-time employees


  • Number of Employees


*5as of Mar. 2018