About Z-kai Group

“Jitsuryoku-Zoshin-kai” established in 1931, at Kashiwagi Yodobashi-cho, Toyotama-gun, Tokyo.

The founder, Yutaka Fujii, was a former English teacher born in 1898 in Shimonoseki City, Yamaguchi Pref. He started business in the field of correspondence education services.

Since its establishment, the Z-kai Group has focused on the development of “real academic ability” that students will need to pioneer the future.

The aim of our wide variety of educational services is not only to help our students gain admission into higher education, but also to help them acquire and improve the faculty of profound thinking and clear self-expression needed in the study of truth and the resolution of the real-life problems they will face in their future careers.

Z-kai Group will continue to contribute to social innovation and progress through our educational services, developing the skills and competencies needed to create leaders.