Our Corporate Activities

Initiatives with Sony Global Education

Z-kai Group has made a comprehensive business partnership agreement with Sony Global Education Inc. (hereinafter referred to as SGED) to provide education that clearly meets customer demands of the era. In addition to providing new services that incorporate KOOV(R) (a robot programming learning kit for fostering creativity developed by SGED) in Z-kai distance correspondence education developed by Z-kai Inc, we also provide programming education services and classes. We provide support services to a wide range of customers through the classroom business operated by Z-kai Group companies, the educational material sales business for educational corporations, and cram schools. Through collaboration between the two companies, we will contribute to the development of STEAM education and human resource development from a global perspective.
KOOV(R) is a registered trademark of Sony Global Education Inc.

Initiatives with Wacom

The Z-kai Group has entered into a comprehensive business partnership agreement with Wacom Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Wacom) for the use of "handwriting X digital" in the education field and aims to develop innovative products that meet customer needs in the DX era. We have proceeded with the joint development of learning services and, starting in 2021, we began to offer Z-kai distance correspondence courses for junior high school students and first and second-year high school students using Z-kai tablets jointly developed with Wacom. Z-kai Group and Wacom work together to leverage their strong commitment to the value of handwriting, build on their respective strengths to create new services that improve the convenience of learners and will continue to contribute to the development of education from a global perspective.

Initiatives with EduLab

Since 2018, Z-kai Group has been working with EduLab, Inc (hereinafter referred to as EduLab Group) on a national survey project regarding academic ability and study conditions, as well as joint research in AI projects. We aim to provide better learning opportunities and services to our customers by optimally combining the resources and strengths of both parties, such as providing services to, for example, local governments and schools. In July 2022, we formed a capital and business alliance agreement which aimed to expand our contract business in academic ability surveys through proposals that combine content development, score processing, measurement analysis, and CBT conversion, as well as strengthening our sales capabilities by sharing know-how to offer proposals to meet customer needs and provide services that utilize the EduLab Group's character recognition technology.

Initiatives with Surugadai Gakuen and SUNDAI Preparatory School

In 2018, the Z-kai Group entered into a business partnership agreement with Surugadai Gakuen Educational Corporation, a comprehensive educational institution that operates preparatory schools, vocational schools, and overseas schools. Surugadai Gakuen has achieved overwhelming success in gaining admission to high-level universities. In collaboration with SUNDAI Preparatory School, which boasts a proven track record, we provide correction guidance for the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and high-level university preparation courses (Z-kai correction), and provide high-level mock exams (“the University of Tokyo Practical Mock Exam” and “Kyoto University Entrance Examination”). We co-sponsor the “Super Universities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka Practical Test Course” and “The University of Tokyo/Kyoto University Actual Test Course.” In the future, we will continue to make use of the strengths of both SUNDAI's classes and Z-kai's correction guidance to achieve an overwhelming presence in the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and high-level university entrance exam markets.

Initiatives with Studyplus

In 2019, Z-kai Group entered into a capital and business alliance with Studyplus, Inc, which operates the learning management app “Studyplus” and the learning management platform “Studyplus for School” for educational institutions. Among the many EdTech services available, we have selected “Studyplus for School” as one of our initiatives, as it has a strong affinity with Z-kai Group's guidance from the perspective of self-study management and is expected to bring business benefits to both companies. It has been introduced and utilized in each company of the Z-kai group, including Z-kai Distance Correspondence Education (for high school students), Navio, Z-kai Schools, and Optima Study.

Initiatives with Tokyo Gakugei University

The Z-kai Group is participating in a project for the development and dissemination of high school class and teacher education models (hereinafter referred to as the "High School Research Project") organized by the Next Generation Educational Research Promotion Organization at Tokyo Gakugei University, a national university corporation. The High School Research Project was launched with the goal of promoting both exploratory learning in each individual subject and cross-curricular exploratory learning. Rather than viewing "university entrance exams" and "exploratory learning" as total opposites, we aim to develop a class model that is effective both as a preparation for university entrance exams and as an effective means of exploratory learning. The Z-kai Group will participate as advisors in each subject department and contribute to the evolution of high school education.

Online Speaking Service for English 4 skills

In response to the policy of emphasizing the four skills of English in the new curriculum guidelines, both high schools and universities are increasingly using external proficiency tests such as EIKEN to select applicants, and the importance of English has thus increased significantly. At Z-kai Group, we provide high-density one-on-one communication services with foreign instructors through alliances with our business partners in speaking skills, which Japanese people are considered to be weak in. For individual customers, we offer between one and two free lessons per month for 5th grade elementary school to 3rd grade junior high school English courses and Non-school grade English courses through “Z-kai Distance Correspondence Education,” and for schools we offer “NEW TREASURE Online Speaking”. We will continue to strengthen our services to meet these increasingly important English learning needs.

The development of the DiscoveRe Method(R)

With the support of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), the Z-kai Group has developed the DiscoveRe Method(R) (Discovery Method), a tool to visualize and develop non-cognitive abilities, together with Space BD Inc. Supervised by Tatsuo Kitagawa, a visiting professor at Seisa University, this project uses the qualities and abilities required of astronauts as indicators and provides objective tests that go beyond self-evaluation to solve tricky non-cognitive problems. There are cases where it has been used as a key element of school reform, and we will contribute to the development of non-cognitive abilities, which have been attracting attention in recent years.

Supporting Elementary School Robot Contests

Through services that provide creative learning such as the “Z-kai Programming Series” and “Eikoh Robot Academy,” the Z-kai Group aims to help students acquire skills that will be useful in any era. We support the purpose of Robocon, which is to communicate the wonders of manufacturing, and we co-sponsor “Elementary School Robocon - organized by: Elementary School Robocon Executive Committee (NHK Enterprises, Inc./Science and Technology Museum).” The Z-kai Group will continue to contribute to the development of talented students who can forge their own paths while improving their own lives, the lives of those around them, and the wider society as a whole.

An Official Partner of “Ghibli Park”

Z-kai Group is an official partner of Ghibli Park, which opened in Nagakute City, Aichi Prefecture in November 2022. Ghibli Park is a park facility that expresses the worldview of Studio Ghibli works within Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park (Morikoro Park), where you can walk around, feel the breeze, and discover secrets. The concept is to provide an irreplaceable place rich in nature that will be loved by a wide range of generations, from children to adults. The Z-kai Group supports the management guidelines of Ghibli Park, which inherits the Aichi Expo's philosophy of “nature’s wisdom,” and GHIBLI PARK Co., Ltd., whose slogan is “Let's create a Ghibli Park that will be loved even 100 years from now.” We will support each child as they create their own future.

Sponsorship of “Oriori no Kotoba Contest”

Z-kai Inc. and Eikoh Inc., members of the Z-kai Group, are special sponsors of the “Oriori no Kotoba Contest(My Occasional Words Contest),” sponsored by Asahi Shimbun. This is a contest that collects important words and stories that have touched the hearts of junior high and high school students across the country. The contest began in 2015 with philosopher Seiichi Washida's Asahi Shimbun morning edition front-page column "Oki-oki no kotoba," and he serves as the chairman of the judging committee. We also award the “Z-kai Award” and “Eikoh Seminar Award,” and we hope to provide many junior high and high school students with an opportunity to realize what is important to them by searching for the “words” that touch their hearts.

Initiatives with SDGs

The Z-kai Group is promoting initiatives to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015. Eikoh Science Lab, a specialized scientific experiment classroom run by Eikoh Inc., contributes to the achievement of the SDGs through classes and events, and Shane Corporation Ltd., which operates Shane English Schools, also aims to achieve [SDG 4: Quality Education]. We are conducting activities aimed at six goals in particular, including providing a high-quality education to all and [SDG 10: Reduced Inequalities]. Both Eikoh Science lab and Shane Corporation have received permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to use the SDGs Japan logo and will continue to actively work on helping achieve the SDGs.

“Z-kai Scholarship” system

As part of our efforts to realize the Z-kai Group vision of “developing human resources who can contribute to the innovation and development of society,” we provide an environment where university students, who find it difficult to study due to financial reasons, can concentrate on their studies. To this end, we have established a scholarship system. This system is a manifestation of our desire to unleash the potential of university students who have the power to create the future, by providing scholarships with no repayment obligation on the condition of achieving admission to 15 universities designated by Z-kai. With the backdrop of Japan now going through a period of great change due to the declining birthrate, the progress of internationalization, and the development of information technology, we hope that our scholarship recipients will become leaders in Japan and then the world.