CEO Message

To all those who desire to pursue education

Z-kai was established in 1931 under the name “Jitsuryoku-Zoshin-kai”. By combining the postal service, a new communication tool that was spreading rapidly across Japan at that time, with interactive instruction and correction, the founder, Yutaka Fujii, brought into the world innovative correspondence courses. This innovation made it possible for the company to overcome the limitations of time and space and offer high-quality educational services to students throughout the nation.

Since then, in order to meet customers’ expectations, while developing the correspondence course as its core business, Z-kai has expanded the range of its business to include cram schools, publishing, etc. Today, 92 years since its inception, the Z-kai Group now comprises 19 companies with about 3,000 employees, and has evolved into a comprehensive educational group offering an extensive variety of services aimed at a wide range of customers, from preschoolers to adults.

Today, Japanese education is entering a period of great change as a result of the declining birthrate, internationalization and the development of IT. Adapting ourselves to this new age, the Z-kai Group has started to take on new challenges.
Yet no matter how drastically society or the environment may change, some things will not change: we will continue to embrace the group’s strong core values.

Excellence in education for future global leaders

This is our philosophy. All Z-kai group employees share this common philosophy, a philosophy that incorporates three important sentiments.

First, “Excellence”: this indicates our determination to pursue the essentials of education rigorously and without compromise. The Z-kai Group aims to offer educational services of exceptional value in both relative and absolute terms. We are proud of the stance we take in our pursuit of the highest quality to give our customers true satisfaction.

Secondly, “Education”: this reflects our responsibility as educators. In addition to being an honorable and rewarding profession, education, from the huge impact it has on the student’s life, entails an extremely heavy responsibility. All group employees are aware of their role as an educator rather than as a business person, and devote themselves to the integration of their business duties and responsibilities as an educator at the highest possible level.

Finally, I’d like to talk about the sentiment contained in the word “Future”. Education is an important lifelong issue, since it is education that makes it possible for each individual to explore the possibilities in his or her future. The word “future” represents our resolve for the future, namely to contribute to the creation of a better society eventually through the cultivation of the next generation of leaders.

All our decisions, remarks and actions embody our philosophy; this is our credo*. I believe education is essential for all, and that education is a task worth pursuing as a lifelong profession. I look forward to creating and delivering “excellence in education” together with those who have high aspirations toward education.

(*Group Credo

Takaaki Fujii