【Z-kai Group】Tie-up with Studio Ponoc’s latest movie “The Imaginary” !

Z-kai Group (CEO Takaaki Fujii) will be collaborating with Studio Ponoc's latest movie "The Imaginary" which will be released on Friday, December 15, 2023.

Regarding the tie-up with the movie "The Imaginary"

"The Imaginary" will be released on December 15, 2023 by Studio Ponoc. The studio was founded by a producer who played a central role in Studio Ghibli films, with the aim of creating and delivering beautiful hand-drawn animated films to all children and adults.

The movie tells the story of a boy named Rudger’s great adventures and his family's miracles, which take place in an imaginary world created by human imagination, and depicts people living a hard life both in visible and invisible places.

The Z-kai Group has conveyed its feelings of supporting people who are working hard through animation. We agree with the worldview of "The Imaginary" which depicts people living hard lives in various places with important people such as parents and children, family, and friends.

The Z-kai Group will continue to convey the message and thoughts of supporting the future and dreams of all people, including children.

“Z-kai Group | The Imaginary” special site

Z-kai Inc. (https://www.zkai.co.jp/) is currently releasing a special website for "Z-kai Group | Movie “The Imaginary" which introduces its tie-up campaigns.


From December 15th, the day the movie is released, a tie-up TV commercial called “Your Imagination'' will be aired, which depicts the possibilities of children who will spread their wings around the world. It will also be published on the special website listed above.

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