Z-kai expands to North America by founding Z-kai USA Inc.

Z-kai Inc.

Z-kai Inc. (“Z-kai”) has founded Z-kai USA Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States, for the purposes of providing education services and developing partnerships with universities and other institutions in North American region.



Globalization and rapid technological innovations are making our society more unpredictable than ever. In order to live through this challenging environment, it has become critical to acquire not only knowledge and literacy but also diverse skills such as flexibility in dynamically changing world, identifying and solving problems, creativity and grit. It is important across the globe as well as in Japan.

For the past 87 years since it was founded, Z-kai has served in education community through providing correspondence courses, which nurture genuine academic abilities by personalized contents. In recent years, we have a capacity to cover learners in PreK-12, higher education and working professionals, who play critical roles in the society. Z-kai USA’s mission is to explore and develop methods of learning for the future society both in Japan and globally. Furthermore, Z-kai USA also aims to provide education services relevant to the new generation. Through Z-kai USA’s services, it is our goal to support future global leaders and to contribute to the evolution of the society.

We plan to roll out our services in Summer 2019 and are looking forward to creating values for our existing and new customers in Japan and globally.


About Z-kai USA
Name: Z-kai USA Inc.
Founded: November 5, 2018
Person in charge: Masayuki Sogo (President)
Businesses to run: Education services for K-12 students in the US
Joint research and development with universities, education 
institutions and corporations
Headquarters: Massachusetts, USA